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At CunninghamLegal, we aim to educate our clients and the community with various resources and tools on estate planning, Living Wills, Trusts, IRA tax strategies, business planning, and trust administration. As these are difficult and complex topics, our goal as estate planning specialists is to create the best quality documents customized on the client’s needs. From the passing of a loved one to the planning for the future of children and assets, we protect you and your loved ones when it matters most.

We offer the following tools as a resource and guide for various areas in estate planning.

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Information on Alzheimer’s
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Information on Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease (AD), also known as Alzheimer disease, or just Alzheimer’s, accounts for 60% to 70% of cases of dementia. It is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that usually starts slowly and gets worse over time. The most common early symptom is difficulty in remembering recent events (short term memory loss). As the disease advances, symptoms can include problems with language, disorientation (including easily getting lost), mood swings, loss of motivation, not managing self-care, and behavioral issues. As a person’s condition declines, she or he often withdraws from family and society. Gradually, bodily functions are lost, ultimately leading to death. Although the speed of progression can vary, the average life expectancy following diagnosis is three to nine years. Source: Wikipedia

Alzheimer’s Association Video

Alzheimer’s Association Website

Law Practices We’ve Acquired
  • T. Dale Pease – 2004
  • American Law Center – 2007
  • Wachbrit Braverman – Diedre Wachbrit – 2007
  • Hyjek Law – Mark A. Hyjek – 2013
  • Armstrong & Associates – Ann Armstrong – 2013
  • Nordman Cormany Hair & Compton – 2016
  • George R. Berninger – 2016
  • James L. Spencer – 2016
  • Bezaire Law – Stephen P. Bezaire – 2017
  • The Sydney Law Firm, P.C. – Jeff Sydney – 2017
  • Weitkamp & Weitkamp – Fredrick J. Weitkamp – 2018
  • Jean Klotz – 2018
  • R John Kohlbrand Law Office- John Kohlbrand – 2018
  • Helms & Myers – 2019

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