CunninghamLegal is now offering free webinars, replacing our in-person events. Many of you may be thinking and worrying about the current and future financial impact of this pandemic and how this will affect you.  Our webinars will give you the opportunity to connect with one of our attorneys to discuss the importance of a personalized Estate Plan as well as inform you of the new tax laws that could impact your existing plan.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask us questions and we’ll illustrate how we can customize a plan for you based on your specific situation.

Join our FREE webinars and gain valuable Estate Planning insight to:
  • Protect the people who matter most
  • Preserve your wealth, reduce taxes, and avoid probate
  • Plan for guardianship of minor children
  • Prepare for incapacity and healthcare directives

If you are seeking answers to questions about Estate Planning, please let us help by providing you with critical information and the expert help you need.







Savvy Estate Planning for Second Marriages & Blended Families

August 11th

11:30 AM

How to Pass on an IRA or Retirement: Traps & Common Errors

August 13th

10:00 AM


August 18th

11:30 AM

Protecting an Inheritance from Divorce, Lawsuits & Bankruptcy

August 20th

10:00 AM

Why Your Current Will or Trust May Not Work! A Guide to Understanding Your Documents

August 25th

11:30 AM

State of the California Real Estate Market

August 26th

3:00 PM

Top Ten Estate Planning Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

August 27th

10:00 AM

Young Families Need Savvy Estate Planning Too!

September 1st

11:30 AM

Asset Protection v. Estate Planning: A Critical Difference

September 3rd

10:00 AM

How Business Owner’s Can Weather the 2020 Storm and Beyond

September 8th

11:30 AM

Your Prop 13 is at Risk: How NOT to Lose It

September 10th

10:00 AM

Just Who Owns the House?

September 15th

11:30 AM

Take Your Power Back: Estate Planning Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones   

September 17th

10:00 AM

How Much Should a Living Trust Cost?  

September 22nd

11:30 AM

Expecting Trouble After You Pass? Special Protection Clauses for a Trust  

September 24th

10:00 AM

Passing the Torch: A Workshop for You & Your Adult Children  

September 29th

11:30 AM

Top Ten Ways Trustees Get in Trouble  

October 1st

10:00 AM